Best Place to Buy Postage Stamps

 Where to buy postage stamps?

This article helps one to find out the whys’, how’s’ and what’s of the postage services. One can get to know of where the postage stamps are available, what value does the stamp hold and why a stamp and most importantly where to buy postage stamps.

Why postage stamp?

Postage Stamps carry the value printed on it. The Postage Stamps can be bought from many places and stored at one’s place. The stamps are the value paid by the user who wants to send the mail. Earlier, when there were no stamps, the amount would be paid after one has received the post. This incurred a lot of loss in money from the user side. The postal had a lot of money before the usage of stamps.

The stamp is one of the revolutionary inventions that had saved a lot of money for the citizens and created a systematic procedure and delivery. Not just that, it also became easy to sort out and deliver to the citizens. There is a mark made on the stamp,and it cannot be reused. The number imprinted on the stamp is the value of the stamp.

Where can one buy stamps?

Every post offices sell stamps. But when a person is travelling or he has moved to a new place and he is unfamiliar of the surroundings; when someone resides in a place where there are no post offices but there are post boxes or one has to travel long distances to reach the post office; there are many options to choose from. This list contains the major retail outlets and of course few other major commercial establishment that is spread throughout the country. This knowledge is a must as one might not find a city where there is no Walmart or a CVS stores. There are many advantages of purchasing stamps from the places other than post offices like one can get the other postal requirements like the envelopes, the A4 sized sheets,and other stationery items.



As everyone knows, Walmart is one of the largest retail outlets in the country. Walmart is known to sell goods be it anything round the clock. One should prefer buying at Walmart in case of an emergency due to the 24*7 open hours. The billing counter can be contacted,and they are sure to find all range of stamps.

There are also few instances where the post boxes are kept in front of such prominent places,and even the person who is concerned with the delivery visits the places like Walmart to collect the packages that one has left for postal services.


CVS is the best place to opt for if one needs to buy all the necessities for making a post apart from the stamps. The place is known to sell some of the best quality pens, pencils, wrappers, gift articles and stationery. If one is in a hurry that they need to make a post of some quality gift, then they can walk into any one of the CVS stores and affix the stamps with it. CVS, just like Walmart is also found in all major cities and spread throughout the nation.


Mention something that one finds impossible to find it online. One can find every need of theirs in online shopping sites like Amazon. Indeed, Amazon proves to be the best place to buy stamps online. The best part of shopping online is that one can fix the day of delivery and also make choices to leave with a neighbor when shopped online. The is also known to provide the stamps at the best cheapest prices.

Grocery shops


The presence of stamps in grocery chain of stores is a blessing in disguise for those who live in the semi-urban areas, towns, districts,and villages. In the regions that are outside the city limits, one might find it very tough to travel to distant places for thepost office; they can make use of this option to buy stamps.

  • Stop & Shop
  • Costco
  •  Kroger
  •  Meijer
  •  Publix
  •  Harris Teeter
  •  Safeway

Are some of the grocery shops to buy stamps.


Target is the store that one must visit in case they have to make a lot of deliveries. The place only sells stamps in bulk. When bought in bulk, one can save a lot of money in the cases where they need to make a lot of deliveries. The place sells 200 roll bundles for only $100. They sell all the accessories needed for mailing. This place sells the First-Class stamps that are designated by the United States Postal Services as priority mails.

Office Supplies Stores

Many office supply stores provide stamps. The office supply stores also provide the accessories for postal requirements. A few stores are :

  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max

Gas and Fuel Station

Just like Walmart, these are some of the places that are open all round the clock. While few stations sell, few don’t. The gas stations must take the initiative to sell the fuel. But when someone is traveling,and they need to fuel their vehicle, in case they need any stamps, one should ask the attendee at the station.


Just like the grocery stores, the pharmacies are also located all around the United States of America’s non-city areas. The ones residing outside the city limits can ask the pharmacies for stamps. Walgreen and RiteAid are few of the pharmacies that are known to have stamps.


ATM is again omnipresent. There are few ATMs’ that sell stamps,andinitiatives are being taken to make sure that all the ATMs’ in the country sell stamps. This is yet again a great initiative for those who are traveling around and new to a place. The ATMs’ are some of the places where people frequent often. Therefore, this idea should be carried out more seriously.


The banks are the establishments that one can find all over the country. Many famous bankssell stamps. If one contacts the cashier, he/she would be able to buy the stamps from banks. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Group and Chase are some of the banks that are known to sell stamps. The banks are again some of the places where people regularly visit. This place can be chosen by those who live in the city and wish to buy stamps.


If one has the time and energy, then he/she can buy stamps using the online catalogs.

How can one locate the places that sell stamps?

The Google Maps is a great feature which helps people to type in the location name or enters the latitude and longitude degrees to find the place.

Which stamp should one prefer depending on the types of stamps available?

These are the major three types of stamps provided in the United States of America.

Forever Stamps

One should use the forever stamps if they are someone who uses the postal services often. It is a known fact that the United States Postal Services keeps fluctuating the rates of the stamps. If one buys the forever stamps in 2015 that was of a lesser value, then one can use the same stamp even now provided the weight of the parcel is within limits.

Standard Class Stamps

These are preferredfor bulk emails. They do not have a specified time for delivery. It might get delivered in three days or even up to a month. The Standard Class stamps are preferred by the companies if they wish to sell New Year greetings to their customers. Bulk postal services are available at cheaper rates.

First Class Stamps

The First Class Stamps provide the guarantee that the post will be delivered at this time and this place. If the receiver has moved from the place or is unavailable, the postal services do not charge one for the transit.

International Stamps

The International Stamps bear a different outlook. This stamp has to be affixed if a person is sending aparcel to a different country.

How to affix the stamps on the envelope?

Reserve the top right area for fixing the stamps. In case, the weight of the object is more, that requires one to paste stamps of more denomination, never use multiple stamps of lesser denominations, but prefer a single stamp that carries higher denomination. This would never disturb the space where one has to fill in the address of the receiver which otherwise would look very shabby and cramped in case it is a small sized envelope. This is how one should use the stamp on the mails.

What should be kept in mind while using the postal services?

There are few stringent tips to be followed so that one’s letter is not returned to the sender.

Affix the stamp according to the weight of the object inside

There are conditions like if the weight of the mail exceeds beyond a certain limit, then one has to affixsome stamps for the weight of the object otherwise there are chances that theproduce would get returned to the sender due to the less price paid.

Fill in the details properly

Before dropping one’s mail into the mailbox, make sure that the address is mentioned clearly along with the Pin Code. In case of any discrepancies, the mail will be returned to the sender.

Use proper packing materials

In the places mentioned under place to buy stamps, one can find the right packing materials. If the mail is not packed properly, then there are many chances of losing the stamps. Therefore, make sure that you pack the mail properly.

General Tips

These are some of the general tips to be kept in mind

  • While buying stamps, make sure that you buy stamps of all types if you are going to use them often.
  • Write the address of the receiver in the center of the envelope and the address of the sender in the top left. When certain circumstances would require the mailing services to return the mail.This would be useful.
  • Write the full address along with the pin code.

Stamp Collection

Nowadays, many of them have stamp collecting as a major hobby. This helps one to look at how a country has traversed in the arena of information communication and also speaks volumes about the greatness of a country like theUnited States of America.

Why still many prefer postage services over courier services for logistics?

If, one has an opinion like the courier services has replaced the postage services,and the postage does not hold much value these days, so one need not purchase stamps. He might have a wrong opinion. There are reasons mentioned below as to why postal services are still the first option for many.

The rise in e-commerce firms

The style of shopping of shopping has moved from ashop based to online. The Logistics is an important factor in e-commerce. The e-commerce firms prefer postage services to deliver the goods for those who want to pay less for the delivery charges.

Cheap and best services

The postage services charge very much less than the logistics services. This is the major reason why postal services are still much preferred. Though it is cheap; there is no compromise on the quality of delivery.


If one needs to use the courier services, they need to visit the concerned courier office or any kiosk that has a tie-up with the courier services. When one can buy stamps online, he/she can save a lot of waiting time at the logistics services offices/ the post offices. The stamps are affixed on the envelope and can be posted immediately at any of the post boxes that are placed in the corners of the streets.

Thus, one can know where to buy the postal stamps and what postal stamp to buy and how to use this on reading this piece of information.

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