Dog Supplies



Frontline Plus for Dogs Flea and Tick treatment. It comes in different options which totally depends on the age/size of your dog. Click here to get detailed information to know more about the product

k9 advantix ii for dogs


One of the most reputed and used by many dog owners, K9 Advantix is on par with Frontline Plus when compared with each other. Click here to get insights about the product.

capstar for cats and dogs

Capstar Tablets used to kill Flea and Ticks for Dogs and Cats, they work in effect after 30 minutes. An FDA approved oral pill for controlling fleas.

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Advecta II for extra large dogs 55 lbs and above

A 5 way protection medicine suitable for killing flea and ticks, also kills lice and biting mosquitoes. A variety of options available !

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