Advantage II Dogs

Advantage II for SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE/EXTRA LARGE dogs is flea medication that is fast acting and it gives your dog possibility to be protected from fleas two hours after application and it will kill all fleas around in 12 hours. It is perfect if you were in nature with your dog and if you want to apply something that will kill all flea life in a timely manner. There is a hell of a problem when we think about flea medications and dogs because you cannot put something that will be effective forever. That is the reason why you should always have that kind of product, especially if you have a dog and you taking it for a walk in nature all the time.

How Advantage II fo Dogs works?

The idea is to put it and in a matter of minutes it will start working and in 12 hours fleas will be gone from your dog. It is protective for all stages of flea life cycle (adult, larvae, pupae, eggs) and it is perfect for lice infestation because it lasts for 30 days. It is completely waterproof, so can wash your dog without any additional problem.


Advantage II for dogs contains Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen.

  • Imidacloprid – This is systematic insecticide that acts on neurotoxins and it is called neonicotinoids because it acts also on central nervous system of fleas and insects, however, it doesn’t have any toxicity levels for bigger mammals. Chemicals inside are interfering with stimulation of insect system, which blocks it from transmitting impulses and therefore results in insect’s paralysis and death. It is effective because it affects strong neuron receptors and it is perfect if you want to stop fleas from entering your dog’s hair. From the beginning of the new millennium, it is most widely used insecticide and it was developed by Bayer chemical and sold under many names. It could be applied by tree injection, soil injection or in the granular formulation. It is widely used also in agriculture for pest control and for the treatment of pets in order to control fleas.
  • Pyriproxyfen – This particular pesticide is perfect for fighting with numerous arthropods. It was developed in 1996 and the first use was against whitefly and it is also used in agriculture in order to protect crops. Today, it is most famous for flea control for pets and to kill roaches and outdoor or indoor ants. It could be in form of bait, foggers, shampoos, aerosols and pet collars. It works as insect growth regulator which prevents larvae from even developing which means that it cannot reproduce and eventually it will die. In combination with imidacloprid, it is the perfect medicine for killing all insect life around you.


Most dog owners find this amazing product perfect and effective because it will help you wipe out fleas in a matter of hours. When we compare it to other products, it is considered as high-end and high-quality flea medication that will always protect your dog wherever you are. It is important to consider that most flea medication shouldn’t be used all the time. So when you apply it once, you can leave it for a month without applying it because it could interfere with dogs skin and create side effects that are not problematic if you stick to what you have been said by a veterinarian.

Ease to use

It is very easy to use, but has in mind that leaves a greasy spot, and you should be careful when applying it because you can mark your furniture. You will get it in a single-dose tube that you have to squeeze onto the skin of a dog. For smaller dogs, it is applied on shoulder straps and if everything is perfect, you will in a matter of hours feel secured from any additional fleas and leeches.

Manufacturer Information

  • Care Instructions – It is always better that you store it in dry and cool place but don’t put it in the refrigerator because it will lose important ingredients that make it efficient in killing fleas.
  • Directions – It is specifically made for small dogs and puppies, however, they must be at least seven weeks old. You can apply it once a month, and be really careful when applying the dosage on your dog because it depends on the dog’s weight. You should call a veterinarian to explain you all relevant details that you have to know according to your dog’s health.


You have to understand that as any medication, this one too, has some side effects, but they are very rare and mostly depend on the user’s knowledge. When we asked users whether they had any issue with this particular product, 99% of them were totally satisfied. Only a few owners stated that their dogs had bad reactions which mainly involved diarrhea and vomiting. That is why it is important to keep the fluid from dog’s mouth and eyes and you should protect yourself also. Soon after you handle the product, you should wash your hands because it is a poison when you swallow it. If you accidentally do it, try to vomit and call the emergency just in case.


  • It kills all types of flea’s even larvae, eggs, and adult ones.
  • It is highly effective and you have to put it once and wait for few hours in order to start functioning.
  • You don’t need any prescription if you want to purchase it
  • There are no side effects, but you must follow the protocol


  • It will leave greasy mark so protect your furniture before you apply
  • It is not made for tricks


There are many different reasons why you should consider Advantage II for SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE/ XL dogs as indispensable part of your household. We have presented you all relevant information that you have to know before you purchase it, however, it is always better to consult with a veterinarian because he knows the overall health of your dog and therefore he could specifically help you. It is important to read the manual and never to overdo it because then you can enter the effect zone which is not that good for your dog.