Advecta II for Dogs

Many serious owners have to take care of the health of their pet dogs and that usually means that they have to feed them properly, give them sufficient water in order to hydrate them and to have time to exercise and walk with them. You have to consider frequent visits to vet and to apply occasionally medication that could help you get rid of all insects and fleas that will always attach your dog.

By giving your dog protection from various types parasites, insects and fleas, you are not only protecting your household from parasites, you are protecting your dog from various diseases and issues that could happen because you didn’t care or you weren’t fast enough. That is why we are going to present you Advecta II.

It is always difficult to determine which medication you want to use in order to help your large dog get rid of fleas and other insects. There were many clinical studies that support the idea that this substance is great for prevention and they are effective in getting rid of all insects and for flea treatment.

However, you have to consider numerous experiences from dog owners, and according to that, we came to the information that Advecta II for dogs is considered as one the best flea treatment medications available on the market.

What is Advecta II ?

  • Bayer’s flea treatment medications and products are considered as one of the best and products with the highest quality. However, they are not quite affordable, but Bayer is not selling the only brand, it is efficient and perfect according to many users and their reviews.
  • It kills adult flies and prevents eggs from developing and therefore it protects your dog thoroughly without any additional problem.
  • Advecta II is topical prevention and monthly treatment that breaks off effectively flea life cycle in order to manage long lasting and fast control. It contains the same ingredients as Advantage II which is Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen.
  • It is perfect because it is waterproof, fragrance-free, fast acting and easy to use medical solution for your big dog. It thoroughly helps with managing flea eggs, larvae and adult fleas without any additional issues.


  • If you choose Advecta II, that is thorough and the fastest solution on the market. It has a possibility to instantly kill all existing fleas within 12 hours. After two hours it reaches its beginning and soon afterward you don’t have to worry anymore because it protects your dog further for 4 weeks and it could lead to six weeks or longer depending on climatic conditions. If you see fleas on the top of your pet’s hair that means that product is working and that is getting rid of them.

However, that is the process, so you just have to relax and wait to work while you enjoying with your dog.

How to apply Advecta II ?

  • If there are normal conditions, you should apply the product once a month because it will give you thorough protection for four weeks after using it. When you buy Advecta II, you will get one-dose and after applying it you can enjoy because you have to wait for the medication to kick in.
  • In some cases of flea infestation, you may apply it earlier, but don’t do it in the first seven days after first application and always visit veterinarian before you choose to reapply because that could lead to various side effects.
  • In some cases, fleas lay eggs on your pet, but it is common for eggs to fall from the pet into the carpet or furniture or other areas, and it is very important to have a heavy vacuuming and washing everything in hot water.
  • Advecta II will provide you 100% guarantee and if you are not satisfied in any way with the product you can return it to the retailer and the money will be refunded as soon as possible. If you want to say something that will make impression on other users, you can always send them your feedback online or through the mail directly.


  • You must be very careful when applying the Advecta II because you may not do it for puppies under 8 weeks of age and under 3 lbs. It is important to consider seeing veterinarian because he could give you all additional information according to your dog’s overall health report.
  • In some cases there were reports of side effects, however, you should worry because 99% of users stated that nothing happened.
  • These side-effect cases were reported vomiting and diarrhea which means that owner accidentally put the product in the mouth of the dog. That is forbidden because it is poison and in large doses, it could lead to severe problems.
  • After you apply to your dog, the first thing that you have to do is to wash your hands because it is dangerous for you, too.


  • It effectively kills fleas in every life cycle from larvae, eggs, and adult fleas
  • It contains all the same ingredients as Advantage II
  • It is fast and it will initiate thorough flea kill in two hours and your dog will be clean in the next 12 hours after applying
  • It is waterproof, so it remains effective even if your pet gets wet for four weeks
  • It is perfect if you want to get rid of lice


  • It is harmful if you apply it without taking precaution
  • It works like poison if you put it accidentally in dogs mouth which will end in vomiting and diarrhea


We have presented you thorough analysis of Advecta II for dogs and if you have suffered long enough by choosing different products that didn’t give you any results, you should choose this particular one because according to many users it is perfect and it always functions. However, before you decide to do so, try to consider visiting veterinarian for detailed advice on the matter.