• Capstar is very convenient to administer and can be given to the most reluctant pet, as compared to other products. Simply hide the dosage in your pet’s favorite treat.
  • It can be safely used for both, cats and dogs, this makes it convenient for pet owners having both types of pet.
  • The pill gives a 24 hour window period, that all fleas would die off in a day, and you get your breathing space to vacuum, clean and de-flea your house using de fleas powders and/or sprays.
  • You can utilize that time to wash your pet’s bedding and shampoo your pet using anti-flea shampoo, this will get you best results.
  • Capstar has amazing reviews from other customers as well on Amazon, that means it has worked as it says for most of them.



  • Capstar Flea treatment is FDA approved oral pill.
  • It is recommended for both cats and dogs.
  • It claims to kill all adult fleas within 4 hours.
  • It is also safe to use it on puppies and kittens, above 2LB body weight, and age of at least 4 weeks.
  • A tablet consists of one dose and starts taking action as soon as ingested by the pet.

Note: The product is only effective on fleas which are already on the infected pet. You might also need other flea prevention or medication treatment alongside Capstar if your pet spends a lot of time outdoor. The recommended dosage is 1pill/2days until all the fleas are dead. A typical hatching lifestyle for a flea is 3 days, so it is in the best practice to follow a regular dosage.



  • The product is ideal for small and medium sized dogs, for stronger breeds, this product might not be enough.
  • The dose should be repeated to ensure newly hatched fleas are killed too.
  • Considering the fact that the dose has to be repeated, the cost, and use of other products alongside, the treatment is not affordable for everyone.


However, flea treatments already being expensive, also keeping in mind that it saves a trip to the vet which might cost you more.






It is ideal for owners having both pets

How To Give Your Cat A Pill

How To Give Your Dog A Pill