K9 Advantix for Dogs

  • Advantix is one of the most popular choice which has received excellent reviews from most of the pet owners.
  • Advantix II protects your pet from fleas, ticks, lice and even mosquitoes.
  • It is applied rather than eaten, so it helps to do the work faster.
  • In most of the cases killing a flea after it has bitten your pet would not prevent disease transmission.
  • Advantix helps to kill and repel both. Repelling means less irritation and fewer bites, this also reduce the potential disease carrying flea from transmitting infection.
  • Advantix also helps to reduce the chance of ticks attaching to your pet. Ticks have a potential of carrying a range of parasites and diseases.
  • There is an additional benefit using Advantix is that it helps to repel mosquitoes as well, as mosquitoes are also an added irritation to your pet. They might as well carry disease and parasites.


  • Once applied to the skin of your pet, Advantix kills and repels within 12 hours.
  • One time application lasts for a month.
  • Advantix also kills flea larvae which helps to stop the flea breeding cycle and hinder their potential to grow in future.
  • Advantix effect does not wear off even after bathing/swimming as the product is waterproof. That won’t reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • You can shampoo or condition, none would affect the repelling characteristic of the product.
  • It is suitable for dogs over 7 weeks, also weighing over 55 lbs

Remember :

  • Also Advantix recommends using shampoo which is non-detergent to bath your dog.
  • Keep in mind that Advantix II is an upgrade of the Adavntix original.
  • You need to spread the dose around the pet’s body in order to apply it. Most of the product are meant to be applied only to the shoulder blades.
  • Use proper instruction to apply at the 4 separate places in order to speed up the process and avoid irritation.

Potential Side Effects :

  • Most pets do not suffer any side-effects after application of Advantix, as long as you apply the recommended dosage, the pet is unlikely to have a negative reaction to the product.
  • However, in some occasions, the pet might get sensitive to the product when applied to the skin.
  • This might lead to itchiness and red skin and the pet might scratch the affected area. In such a case, consult your vet, if or not you need to change to flea treatment.
  • In cases where your pet shows symptoms of drolling, nausea, heavy panting or any unusual behavior, consult a vet immediately.

Caution :

  • Advantix hardly causes any side effects in dogs, but it can be poisonous to cats.
  • If you own a dog and cat both make sure your dog is kept separate from other animals immediately after application.
  • It is recommended giving your pet a dosage at night, so that you can keep your pet in a separate crate (box) or room overnight.
  • Avoid giving this dosage to lactating/pregnant dogs.




Imidacloprid, Permethrin


Avoid washing your pet within 48 hours of application.

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